function and design

Franck Genser questions the role of furniture in interrelations.

His design approach comes from a field perspective, designing the object and its desired impact on its environment. For in this approach the object and its environment are inseparable entities. Today Franck thinks of furniture as an indispensable parameter in the field.The shape, the surface, as well as the material of an object, all participate in the conscious and unconscious experience of the user in the moment. The designer applies this notion to interior design. The room, the layout, and the light, exist and create the experience felt by the occupant. 

With this in mind, Franck and his team contemplated solutions for the work environment of a 21st century leader. Similar to the way people influence different relationships, furniture has the power to influence different environments. Furniture embodies values and it contributes to the overall experience of the room. Here, the furniture embodies the values of the organization. Relationships, performance, and results are all functions of the environment.